Sunday, 13 May 2012

Little sail

I took the 3.7 for a little sail today. A sort of typical Burghfield Sailing Club day. Gusty and shifty. The gusts were enough to trapeze on the lulls were most defiantly not! This is at least teaching me rapid coordination skills! I had a couple of swims. One because I let go of the main sheet when playing the sheet from the wire. Doho! And then when heading back in on a gust, I came in from the wire and the wind backed probably combined with poor tiller movements on my behalf and I failed to come off the hook quickly enough. And the boat came over on top of me. :( Still a nice little sail. I then lent the boat to Jeremy, our PRO. For a quick sail. Wind looked like it filled in a little for him. And he had some fun reaches from the wire, not fully trapezing but fun.

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