Sunday, 19 August 2012

The only way is Essex...

And exert from the email Ewan sent to me after sailing the 3.7 at BSC this week...

"Interesting day today! Force 5 with gust of 6+. I sailed like a muppet and went for a swim after a good bear away and then made the mistake of trying to go dead down wind!!!!

Anyway clocked 20 kilometers per hour and if the course had had a good reach in it I think the boat has plenty left in her.

Unfortunately on the last upwind leg I managed to miss the hook and promptly fell in the water!!!..."

Unfortunately the tiller extension gave up the ghost in this enforced swim, getting caught under Ewan's arm as he exited the boat. But hey it happens, and the beauty of carbon is you can stick it back together again!

"I didn't do too bad today. I thought I had a great start in the 1st race but apparently I was over the line!!! I beat both blazes home and the phantom but got munched downwind by the 420's but it this kind of breeze not much will beat a good 420 pair and the 2 chaps sailing are both very handy! (Tom Johnson is Ex Oppi squad) with far too much time to sail.

Second race there was slightly less breeze so I got munched again downwind by the 420's and this time the Phantom and Laser EPS. I have been sailing off 1055 this week which i think is about right
(it might be a little bit on the generous side) but hey I'm fat, and well out of practice. So results from the series so far.

No wind I got a 10th and 8th
I know i got a binned from the 1st as I was over the line.
In the second I recon I got 4th or 5th.

Interesting that sailing it this week and not falling over all the time has opened peoples eyes down the club a bit. Some of the top Topper sailors have been chatting and think it might be a transitional boat after the Topper! A few have asked me about prices of them."

There seems good interest in the boat from a transition boat after the Topper at BSC too. Which is great news. I'm still waiting a proper report from the other test sailors. I'll post it as soon as I get it.


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