Monday, 10 December 2012

Winter home

I got the 3.7 back from its extended stay at Draycote Water Sailing Club this weekend. (Thanks Dave for bringing Him down.) Where it has been since late September, as a test sail boat. Dave Barker has given it a good sail in some breezy conditions. As well as a couple of other test sailors. Not as many as I would have liked. But I think the fact hat it was up there at the end of the season and that those that had shown earlier interest seem to have moved on mass into Foiling Moths, means there was less take up than I expected.

'He' is now safely pack up for the winter. I will be doing a few jobs on him over this time; including mending the C-Tech tiller extension and re-progriping. As well as replacing the stainless standing rigging with SK-78 Max. And then I'll be concentrating on sailing Him myself next year. So watch out for lots of splash video sequences as I battle with the shifty Burghfield Sailing Club wind!

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