Monday, 22 April 2013

To Do List...

Ok so I have woken up from my... 'you must be kidding I'm not going sailing in that weather slumber!' and have got a few things sorted on the boat that need to be done before the boat and myself get wet again.

The first on the list was a new gooseneck. I looked around and found some off the shelf fittings that would do, but they were very expensive. £50!!!! So I ordered some 12mm 316 Stainless Rod from along with a stainless shaft collar and with the addition of a pillar drill made a new one £14 inc p&p.

Next on the list was to repair the C-Tec tiller extension. I have had to wait for the weather to warm up so I could glue this back together.

I ordered a short length of tube from, made an internal sleeve, cut the ragged ends off and then added a bit on the end of the extension to make up for what I'd cut off. Just add glue...Simples.

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