Tuesday, 21 May 2013

For Sale!

Sacré Bleu! Is being put up for sale. What the heck... I here you say! Well it's not what you think. I'm currently in the process of moving house which will then involve some major building work to create my design studio and extension etc... and this is already sucking up huge amounts of time. Which is already impacting on my sailing time.

So it seems the most logical thing to do is to put 384 up for sale during this in-forced stay of sailing. I intent to import another 3.7 whilst I am sorting the house, so I am ready to go for next season. Or depending on the availability of the right 3.7's I may embark on a self build project later in the year, if the house has gone smoothly. All in all this seems the best course of action to keep momentum going around building the class. Especially as Butler Boats, through pressure of Streaker orders - have not as yet been able to finish building there demo boat! ( It's all there: Mould, laser cut timber, carbon rig the lot and I believe they even have 2 orders for new boats, but they just can't get to it! )

Anyway there's enough info on this blog for you to get a good understanding of the quality of 384 and what comes with him.

Asking price: £3700 ( boat, sail, and amazing trailer )

Leave me a message or call: 01491 613873

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