Thursday, 16 March 2017

Footing off...

Recently, at the RYA Dinghy Show 2017 where I was manning the UK 3.7 Farr stand over a very successful weekend.  It was mentioned to me by a Swiss reader of this blog, who is also building a 3.7. That this blog could give the wrong impression. In other words, it looks to the reader that this 3.7 project just upped and stopped after I sold 384. This is farr (sorry could resist) from the case!

So having realised that the last blog entry left this impression. I thought I should write a new entry to point everyone toward the UK Farr 3.7 Class Association website.

This is now where I am active as the UK Farr 3.7 Class President.

Under this role I am pleased to say that the UK Farr 3.7 class is going from strength to strength. With new boats being home built and new boats being bought from Butler Boats. The UK's class builder.

So if this blog has tweaked your interest in a Farr 3.7 the association site is one of the best places to get your information from now on. You can also look in on the World organisations Facebook page here or the Farr 3.7 Facebook Builders page here if you are interested in building a boat. Or have need of tips from previous home and professional builders.

See you on the water...!

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