Saturday, 26 August 2017

Makeshift Lathe

A big thanks to Jeremy who made the new mast foot for me, he's an absolute star. All I can say his I owe him a lot of beers, as a new one form C-Tec was costed up at $250NZD!

I knew that I would have to do some extra work to the mast foot when I got hold of it. As I'd intentionally over estimated the spigot lengths to make sure I had enough length to enable me to make adjustments when I received the foot.

So how do I make the mods to the mast foot when I don't have a Lathe?

Use your power drill as a Lathe!

I clamped my drill in my vice, put the brass mast foot in the drill chuck, turned on to a high speed and used a file and hacksaw to make the mods. Surprisingly simple.

I needed to shorten the bottom spigot and round off the end. To help when the mast is placed in the foot socket. Plus - I didn't want to lose the mast foot again. So I need someway of stopping this. I stepped the top spigot down. Flattened one side and drilled through so I could attach a dyneima loop to the mast.

Bobs your Uncle - no more lost mast foot!

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