Thursday, 7 September 2017

No wind is dangerous!

We've had a succession of weekends / weeks with no wind or a day of dogs off chains. Which for the bored sailor wanting to remember how to sail his old boat, can only mean one thing. To dangerously start cutting things up and changing the sheeting system around on his boat!

Above is the new shorter version of my rudder, which in combination with a slightly shortened tiller extension should allow me aft sheeting with centre boom take off. Fingers crossed all the measuring and trialling the boat on land will translate into a system that works on the water.

I wanted to try it on Sunday, but the wind Gods were playing silly buggers. With a really shifty and gusty breezy day. A great 11knts but with gust into the high 20's. Combine this with loads of rain and BSC's notorious shifty lake (+/- 20ยบ) and I thought better of it. So till the next time.

Fingers crossed my mods have worked!

PS... I've just realised I need to do some mods to my trap harness too. It seems to have shrunk whilst languishing in my sailing bag!

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