Thursday, 28 April 2011

Right balls up.

I've been trying to get a NZ tow ball for my WITTER UK spec tow bar, as Sacré Bleu! has a NZ spec 1 7/8th tow ball. And it's the easiest way to trail the boat from the docks.

I've been communicating with a great Tow Bar company in NZ who were sorting this out for me, but it looks like it's not going to happen. For no other reason that in NZ they use a different tow bar system with a flat tongue bar that the ball bolts through. We on the other hand tend to have a cast upside down "T" with two bolts. Looks like we are back to the flat bed trailer for the trailer option.


  1. Could you not have a bracket made up to take the NZ ball and attach it to the UK holes?

  2. What about one of these;

    You could possibly remove the pin, attach it upside down and bolt on the NZ ball. You would even be able to switch between NZ and UK by turning it over!

  3. Thanks for the idea and link Keith, I've sent a link to the NZ tow bar com pay to see if they can supply a tow ball to fit. This one as it is legal for cars registered after 1998. So once again thanks for the idea, much appreciated!

  4. couldnt you just grind the tow hitch of the trailer and replace it with a uk one? then you wouldnt have to worry about changing it to tow other uk trailers around. may cost a little less for you .