Saturday, 11 June 2011

First outing...

I sailed her today. Just a shake down sail to make sure I have worked out how to rig her and if I need to sort anything. I have been waiting a couple of weeks to do this, as it has been so dam windy recently. I wasn't keen to go out for the first time with it was blowing a hooley!

But I can report that she everything I had hoped for. Responsive, balanced and a genuine joy to sail. With a really nice matched sail and mast.

The other thing a have been very impressed with is the sheer detail in the way she has been rigged. It is a master class in minimalism. And very much not the way we do things over here. I'll talk more on this in my next post with more detail and pictures as this is just a short up date on my 3.7 progress, to keep everyone up to date. Ta tar for now...

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