Monday, 4 July 2011

Video rig

We had no wind this weekend. So I set about making a video rig as I'm sure lots of people are interested in seeing some video of how the 3.7 goes in this country. I have a waterproof bullet camera from some earlier sailing video experiments so I dug this out.

And set about making a boom arm for it (see pic). In the past I've always suffered from not being able to attach the camera particularly well to the boat. This situation gets worse when you add a big lever arm in the shape of a boom. As what ever you have used to tie the camera boom on with tends not to be man enough. And slowly droops or falls off! Not good. As I was scouring the house for something suitable, I saw my sons drum kit and had a brain wave. A Drum rack clamp! Perfect for attaching to the transom bar and holding my bullet camera boom at 90˚. Now all we have to do is pray for some wind!

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