Tuesday, 13 September 2011



Just a quick rough cut video of the Y&Y Test Sail. Just enough to give you a taste of what I am sure Tom Gruitt will surpass with his Hi Def video kit.

As for the way the boat is performing. There is no main sail flogging and the boat is lively, fast but manageable. Yes it's true Pete is at the top of ( what I think is ) the weight range for the boat (75kg).  And a lighter helm would be de-powering and easing sheet more. But is this is in a lot of wind. I personally measured the wind at 30mph on a hand held anemometer and there were definitely bigger gusts. That having been said there were lulls down to 10/12 knts with the average  being around the 20's. So I think someone lighter could cope with these conditions in a manageable way. Only time will tell. Any willing lightweights out there please form an orderly que.

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