Monday, 12 September 2011


Well that was a test sail and a half. Gusting 32knts and dropping as low as 10knts at times. Pete Barton rang the little 3.7's neck! At times making it hard for the RIB to keep up. This made the ride in the RIB almost as wet as the ride on the 3.7.

Pete had to deal with a few patches of weed, making for one quite spectacular stall out of the rudder. And the odd 3 point turn to remove the garden attached to the foils. But I think a great success. Certainly everyone was smiling.

I can't write too much as Pete needs to write his review and then it needs to be published. But from my point of view, the boat looked FAST, well balanced and manageable even in the extreme conditions we faced today.

I'll post a little video later when I've edited it.

Photo credit: Tom Gruitt

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