Sunday, 9 October 2011

Flip out!

Landyachting this weekend. The ProGrip hasn't arrived from the medical supplier. So no sailing for me this weekend in the Farr 3.7.

To say Landyachting was interesting this weekend would be an understatement. It is also slightly puzzling. It is the first sail in a decent breeze I have had in my Class 5. The morning session was great. The wind was on shore from a very slight NW direction. There was a healthy wind of around 20mph. I had a great time, the yacht was relatively stable, cornering well and front wheel grip was not an issue at the tacking mark. Speeds around the 50 - 55 mph were achieved.

The afternoon session was a different matter. Whether it was that I re-tracked and changed the camber on the yachts wheels and axels or not the afternoon was a nightmare. Unfortunately this was when our club racing was.

Lining up on the start line I was feeling confident. GO! A quick push and in. The yachts all screamed off. Instantly my yacht felt very different to the morning. Much more scitish. Keeping control on the straights was at times difficult. Now for the Gybe mark. Wide entry. "This yachts not turning like it did an hour ago!". A much wider turn, lack a little grip on the exit. Applying opposite lock to conteract the rear end dift. I caught a gust and the wheel lifted, I had to go with it. I bore away and sheeted out. The yacht came down, I was now off and away down the beach. Next the up wind mark.

It was a pretty lively leg down to the mark. As I neared the turning box my sail started to luff, I tried to sheet in further. The booms below my head! I attempted to turn into the mark, lost all front wheel grip. Missed the mark and sped past the box. I sheeted out, nothing, no grip, if anything worse! And then it flipped backwards! Luckily it came down and had scrubbed enough speed of for me to regian control. I turned and went for it angain.

This happened every time I attempted to get around the tacking mark. I tried different entry angles, sheeting in as much as i could without taking head off ( see chips out of my helmet for proof), and eventually sitting up to get my weight forward. But this last technique meant sheeting out more, not good! All ended in the same lack of front wheel grip, and some extreme back flips! I started to lose confidence and so came in to have a think.

After various chats with the other yachters, I think the cure is a slightly longer mast, so I can keep the sail sheeted in as well as keeping the boom above my head. Currently when I'm sheeted in the boom comes lower than my eye line. Also suggested was lead on the front axle. I will be giving this a go and I will let you know if it was successful!

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