Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hot and sticky

It was the first full day of my landyachting clubs new season this weekend. We can sail all day from the 1st of October. So I was intending to be in the landyacht this weekend. But the unseasonal weather made me reconsider the weekend plans. Rather than sit in endless traffic jams on the M4 and M5, making my way to the beach with the rest of the UK's population. I decided to finish the side deck repair on the Farr.

Peeling off the old Pro Grip and getting rid of the old EvoStick took a lot longer than I was thinking it would. And a lot more thinners! But eventually the side decks were clean. I then sanded back the decks to achieve a key for the epoxy and laid up my carbon. It would have been glass but carbon was all I had to hand. I then applied peel ply for good consolidation and left it to bake in the ridiculous October heat!

I now have nicely reinforced side decks, all I need now is to Pro Grip them. Unfortunately the sheet I had wasn't big enough for the full length of the gunwale. So I'll have to do the progripping next weekend.

You never know I might get a decent sail in the boat before the lake ices up for winter! That is if the weed ever dies off!


  1. Ben (the builder of the boat) would be horrified you are putting carbon over his nice varnish work.

  2. Sorry, needs must when the devil drives!