Saturday, 28 January 2012


OK no wind today. For either landyachting or Farr 3.7 sailing. So it's time to sort the intermediate shrouds. These have been taking a pounding recently and needed replacing. The 2.5mm wire on the starboard side was almost severed in two. I think as a result of the rotating mast set up I have.

When sailing upwind the intermediates are slack allowing depowering with the kicker, as you bare-away the mast rotates and rolls the wire around the mast to take up the slack in the inters. Keeping the power on off wind. This system is great, but I think isn't suited to wire so well. As the wire ends up compressing on it's inside and expanding on it's outside. Hence eventually braking.

So I have decided to go with 3mm SK78 Dyneema rope. This will be bonded to that mast as the old wire set up was. Here's how I am doing it...

The Problem

Get a good workbench!

Mark out for accuracy

Measure the old set up

Grind off old Intermediate shrouds...

Make up new SK78 rope Intermediate shrouds...

I put a Brummel Splice in the end of each length of SK78 and then after measuring the distances I added a 'stopper' whip on the tag end of each. As I am opening up the plated strands for maximum contact area on the mast. I then added some shrink tube to help stop chaff at the exit point of the rope, against the carbon cloth that will finish the attachment on the mast.

Line up on mast

At this point annoy the hell out of your wife by bringing the mast indoors as its way to cold to glue anything outside. Then leave in the living room until the next day when you will epoxy glue it all together in the house. Whilst attempting NOT to glue the dog to the carpet!

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