Monday, 30 January 2012


Ok so the dog seems to be alright and me wife has got used to the really long black thing in the house. Here's the second stage of the process...

Prep materials.
Peel Ply and 0/90˚ 3x200gm Carbon twill patches. Sand mast.


Stick parcel tape around the area.
Epoxy doesn't stick to it.

Wet out the mast and SK78 fibers
with epoxy.

Mix up filler into epoxy. A little cordial silica, micro balloons and micro fibers. Wish you had some of that black die the pros use to make there work look great.

Lay up and wet out the 3 layers of carbon.
Wrap tight with peel ply to consolidate.
Wait 5 hours

All done.
Still wishing I had some of that black die!
And I could of done with putting peel ply under the SK78 and chaff protection tubes to help the removal of the filler excess.

Its to risky to sand away so will have to be left as it is.


  1. SP do a black carbon filler powder that I've used for repairs to my 300 mast-maybe worth a look for your next mast job, it saves the angst on the colouring! Nice blog.

  2. Three years late but for colouring you can also just collect and use the black dust from when you ground it back the first time, it's just carbon and epoxy after all..