Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Another UK first...

Dave Barker is today the proud owner of the first set of 3.7 building plans in the UK. So excited was Dave he made sure he didn't open the parcel until the end of the day. As he had a very busy day at work and just new he would be distracted! And wouldn't get a stitch of work done. Another two sets of plans are winging there way over the Southern Oceans as we speak. With the desirable 400 sail number going to Piers Hugh Smith who sailed the 3.7 at the Bloody Mary. He will be building his boat at college. So the race is on to see which of these two will hit the water first. Good luck guys!

Both Dave and Piers will be available to chat about the 3.7 at the up and coming RYA Dinghy Show. So if you are interested in the 3.7 or just want to ogle some really nice plans please make your way over to the SPINLOCK stand (NoB52) and have a chat.


  1. Daryl, Do you know if either of them are going to fantastic blogs like yours? I would be quiet interested in the centerboard and rudder/rudder gantry build...

  2. I'm hoping that there will be blogs a plenty. It's a really helpful medium for people to debunk all the jargon associated with building boats. And help spread there experiences to help others.

    1. Oh.. and a really useful diary for yourself!

  3. Yes they are good for that.. One question, How tight are you running your rig tension ?Very tight?

  4. The rig tension isn't very high. Well this is in reference to the class I used to sail (UK-Cherub) where you pulled on as much as your strength would allow! I'll get a gauge on it the next time I get the mast up. To could for me at the moment