Sunday, 19 February 2012

Jam' in

New Spinlock cleats are now on. This was a little more of a protracted operation than I thought. Requiring the removal of the carbon cleat tower. This was both stuck to the deck with silicon as well as screwed down. Not normal screws either. A type is screw I haven't seen before, or indeed have a screw driver bit to fit! The screws have a square hole in the middle. And after some research these are called 'Robertson' and seem to be very common place in Canada. After having found a couple of screw bits from the back of a friends car! I can tell you that they are a pleasure to use. Much more positive than 'slot' or 'Philips' drives.

Anyway I digress. I then had to use a plate knife to remove the cleat tower from the deck by slicing through the silicon between the deck and tower. With this done I could replace the cleats. This was simple as the Spinlocks have the same hole centres as the Harken cam cleats I was replacing. I think I may need some wedges under them. But I'll sail the boat first before deciding. I then tidy up the boat for the dinghy show. Repairing a puncture hole made by a test sailer dropping the sharp edge of the daggerboard into the deck. Not a problem though and easy enough to fix.

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