Sunday, 25 March 2012

Son of the Farrther

Yesterday I had to cancel the 3.7 Test Sail Day due to low / no wind and test sailor drop out.
And so today I thought... 'It's a great day to see how my 15 year old son takes to the 3.7'.

Luke's just turned 15. He's 45kg ( weighed him on the scales tonight ) and 5'5". He hasn't sailed for 2 years. As he's taken every opportunity to chase girls or skate his local skate park recently. But before this he club raced a Mirror with me crewing for him. And before that did the Optimist thing from the age of about 7. Taking his 30 year old Optimist '2060' to a Silver fleet WIN and some fairly consistent top 5 Silver fleet open meeting places.

So he's no superstar squad sailor but represents an average 15 year old club sailor. So a great test pilot!

So how did his sail in the 3.7 go? Well I'll put it like this... 'Luke now wants to sail again after a 2 year layoff'. In fact he said, 'Dad, I want to start sailing every Sunday now, this boat is really dialed'. I think that sum's up what I saw in the 3.7. A great boat that enables kids and light weight adults to sail an exciting but well mannered trapeze helm boat.

Luke sailed the boat for roughly 2.5 > 3hrs with a combination of trapezing and hiking in wind that was around the 6 >10knts range. With no capsizes and most importantly a massive grin on his face!

I took the 3.7 for a spin after Luke came back in and at 75kg ( I must start running! :-( ) managed a few trips out on the wire as well. Not as sustained as Luke but considering the wind strength dam good fun.

Thanks 3.7 for a great day.

 Apologies for the bad quality. I didn't have a long lens with me, but I felt it was important to show Luke fully trapezing.


  1. only 75kg daryl? you need to start eating pies so you dont wipe the floor at the first nationals!!

    1. Thanks but I doubt it, the amount of sailing I have had out of the boat has been pitifully small. I keep lending it to everyone to test sail it! A downside of trying to get a class going!