Monday, 2 April 2012

Everyone should have a Butler

I have just got back from dropping my boat off with Dave Butler of Butler Boats. A clandestine meeting was arranged just off the M1 to transfer the boat from one car tow hitch to another. With the current petrol situation we were unsure as to wheather we were going to be able to get the boat up to Butler Boats workshops. But thankfully petrol stations seem to have enough supplies. Well for me anyway!

Dave will be taking a mould from my boat. To produce a demo boat and then if the interest in the class remains as high as it is now, a production mould will be made for foam boats to be produced.

This is great news. And hopefully will make a big difference to te success of the class in the Uk. Meaning there will be an off the shelf boat avaliable for those not wishing to self build or import!

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