Monday, 1 October 2012

News from the front

This is a email extract from Dave Barker who's currently looking after my 3.7 at Draycote Water Sailing Club and building his own 3.7. I think he is happy with his decision to build!
Wow, this boat is a fun little machine.
It was blowing pretty hard again today, and I joined the handicap race. I sailed much better than last week, handling the extension better and really getting it moving. The Farr trucks upwind nicely, flat trapezing with my front foot just at the fwd end of the progrip. Last week I took the mainsheet directly from the boom, but as it was even windier this time I used the main floor ratchet and found the side tank cleat nicely positioned to hold the sheet when needed. 
It definitely needs loads of kicker, and cunningham as the wind built. The tight reaches were a real blast and I then so were the broad ones. I kept pace with a Dart 15 for most of the first lap which was pretty impressive. I was on a broad reach when some big chunky gusts came through. A FF15 in front of me laid over with it's kite flogging, I was right at the back of the Farr, one foot on the angled foot rest, one on the side deck supported on the trapeze, then I swung out and it just took off. Loads of spray, and pretty twitchy, but awesone fun. I had a couple of similar reaches but lost it and pitchpoled, what a blast.
A fireball crew who has been keenly following our progress took a ride at lunchtime, but didn't pull enough kicker on and the twisting main made it too unstable and he kept throwing it in to windward. Unfortunately during one of these the gooseneck pin failed at the square section where the mast fitting through boat goes through, game over.
We searched the dinghy park and it's looks like an RS Vareo one will likely fit. There are not many boats with rotating masts, and it wasn't till I got home that I forgot to look at a Laser. I suspect they're too small a dia though...
Lot's more interest in the boat.

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