Tuesday, 2 October 2012

University Challenge?

Ummm... currently thinking about one of these for sailing with the better half. Post a comment if you know much about 'em...


  1. Ooo Mrs Robinson! Reckon one of those would be nice for sailing about on Burghfield

  2. Tis what I was thinking too. I know zip about 'em though. Other than that Mr Cockrell has revamped the fellas.

  3. dont really know anything about them, But they do look like a nice simple build with a real user friendly rig set up..

  4. Don't mean to hijack the comment thread, but have you considered a Tasar? ;) (I assume since the worlds were in the UK a couple of years back that there are some decent Tasar fleets around the UK?).

    They're pretty much the *ideal* husband/wife or parent/child boat (according to the Tasar class). They're fast (a little faster infact than the Farr) but easy to handle (and no spinnaker). Simple rig, but incredibly adjustable, so there's plenty to learn about how to tweak them. The boat relies on efficiency rather than brute power to go quickly, so the rig is very managable - and they're also possibly the most confortable boat ever made to hike on (though the RS100 may have taken that title now from what I hear).

    The boats last years as well. Stick a new set of sails on a 20 year old boat and you can be very competitive with a brand new Tasar.